Accuweather, I hate you

Cheese and rice it will NOT stop raining. I don’t know where you are in the world but if you are in New York or the surrounding area, I’m sure you feel my pain. Like WHAT is going on? If one more drop of precipitation falls on my head this week, I’m going to completely lose it. Do you know what 4 straight days of rain does to the mental state of the unemployed? It’s not pretty, I’ll tell you that.


And it is one thing to rain, but it is another when every weather site decides to lie right to your face about it. It’s almost like they are getting bored telling you the same thing everyday (“another rainy one!”) so instead, they decide to jerk you around for their sick gaming pleasure. Accuweather, you can go to hell. It is certainly NOT 70 degrees and sunny. It is legit thundering. you are pretty much always wrong, but I thought you had more integrity than this.

 This is my rant, and I’m sure you all feel the same way too. I’m considering going to a party tonight in a bathing suit because I hate when I have squishy shoes and wet jeans. I also can’t straighten my hair in this weather, and if you know me that is NOT ok. I don’t pull off the Felicity crazy bonker curls as well as Keri Russell unfortunately. Instead, it looks like I stuck my finger in an electric socket. Tomorrow, Accuweather says it is going to thunderstorm. Which probably means it is going to be 90 and sunny. SPF everyone.


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