Christmas Came Early!

Ohhhh yes yes yes. This was sent to me last night and it might be the best present I have received to date.  An E! Special on THE JERSEY SHORE UNLEASHED. I’m seriously about to pee my pants. In part one, we meet wonderful Jerseyites with names like Erika, J.J. ohh the list goes on. So here, the ladies get ready. And they go to Sandbar. This is the equivalent to Satan’s lair with glo sticks.  And why are they going to Sandbar? “Bottle service wutt wuttt” Oh, of course, silly me. These are magical creatures. Watch. Learn. Catfights ensue.

A few comments about this:

  1. The catfight where random Jersey girl screams to Tracey in order to get 30 seconds on camera “you look like a man.” Poor Tracey. You don’t look like a man, but you do kind of sound like one.
  2. Random Jersey boy: “The difference about Jersey girls from other girls is that Jersey girls don’t give a fuck.” AKA-they don’t mind carrying the STDs we give them.
  3. Sarah is showing her “friend with benefits” the hickey he gave her. Only in Jersey do people still give hickeys.
  4. “Do I dance? Of course I’m a Guido”-ZOMG LOLZ. Self explanatory-good for you buddy.
  5. “In Jersey, we don’t pump our gas, we pump our fists.” Clever little Guido man, but you definitely read that off a bumper sticker, because I own one that says the same thing. That’s ok though, you fist pump the night away.

Don’t you worry; parts 2 and 3 are coming right up. This will entertain me all week.


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