Jon and Kate Plus Their Crazy In-Laws



I’m all for a good male bashing when it’s called for, but this is simply getting out of hand. I have been pretty unhealthy obsessed with the Gosselin family   (Jon and Kate Plus 8 )for many a year. Often times at night, I lay awake thinking of how I can steal Aiden, the little Gosselin boy with the glasses and keep him in my apartment as my very own living breathing stuffed animal. So, needless to say, I thought it was pretty gross when Jon was accused of cheating on Kate with a redneck 23-year-old.

However, then I met the in-laws and to put it bluntly, this explained a lot. Kevin Krieder, Kate’s brother of the year and his hick, deer caught in headlights looking wife Jodi decided to do a series of interviews for (I guess TMZ was busy) dishing all the dirty secrets between Jon and Kate.  They first start out with this  interview, which to be honest is the most bootleg thing I’ve ever seen.

 Ok, fine. They fight a lot. They have eight children. I would probably hate my life too. And we all see Kate glaring at Jon during the show, this is not a newsflash.

Then, these two looney tunes continue here claiming that even though Kate portrays to be a “supermom” and an “incredible cook and housewife” she doesn’t cook everyday.

Well, the nerve! She doesn’t cook everyday? Someone call Child Services so we can lock her up right now.  And people fold her laundry and clean her house?! I thought we banned slavery!? Oh wait, that’s not a slave, it’s a nanny. Which probably 78% of Americans use every day.  Clearly, Kate must have asked these two for a little help with the laundry and cooking and they were just not having it. If you thought this interview was amusing, it gets better.

Part three. Jodi really decides to take the reigns here claiming Kate gave Jon a super secret marriage contract, where he could date other women as long as he showed up to film the show. 

First off, Jodi I’m going to be honest, you look high. Second, I seriously doubt you discussed this with Kate before going on fake TMZ, because something tells me if she knew about this, the hair on her head would rise higher than it is already styled. Third, do you honestly think a woman with eight children would let her husband out of the house for a little afternoon delight? NO. She would make him stay home so SHE can get away from the screaming, crying, eight bundles of overwhelmingness that lies before her. My favorite part is when Jodi darling asks the Reality TV cops to step in and take care of the Gosselin children, and reality children all over the world who are forced to live this cruel life of reality TV. Yes, I am sure the Gosselin children are going to be traumatized for life now that their cruel reality show has bought them a humongous new house, clothes and food in their mouth. Child Services, what are you waiting for?

So basically this little rant brought me to the conclusion that maybe Jon cheated, maybe he didn’t…either way he is pretty dumb, but not as dumb as these two Hill Billy relatives. If I’ve ever seen a last ditch effort to make a buck, it’s right here. I’m beginning to wish I had some deep dark family secrets I could make up to earn some cash…surely must have paid at least $20 an interview. Now that’s what I call living the good life.


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  1. Riley

    Finally, a voice of sanity…so agree with you.

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