The Jersey Shore Unleashed Pt. 2-The best thing since silced bread

What’s that you say? You can’t get DJ Tiesto out of your head? You just have to see more of the JERSEY SHORE UNLEASHED!? Well, ask and you shall receive.  Here, the ladies are hung over and therefore, their man voices are much raspier than before, so brace yourself. And we are SOO over Sandbar. On to bigger and better things ladies.


  1. Where in the world can you publicly point someone out on the boardwalk and talk about their penis? New Jersey.
  2. Props to Dana for stumbling on to the beach a mere three hours late, only to turn around to start drinking again. She may be my new idol.
  3. “The last book I read? Dr. Seuss” or my favorite, “I’ve never read a book.” You can’t make this stuff up.
  4. Sarah takes Anthony on the boardwalk to twalk (Jersey for talk) to explain her need to be a free spirit, which is different from a whore. How, I’m not so sure, but if she says so, then sure. She will probably have the clap by Labor Day, just a foreshadowing.
  5. I have to give it to these girls, they are ruthless. If you are in this circle of friends at least one of you will be hooking up with someone in the course of the night. They will make sure of it, to the point where they will pry your lips open to stick them on another guy’s mouth. Now that is friendship.

Part 3-JJ comes to the clurrb. Ohhhh snap.


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