All Good Things Must Come to an End…The Jersey Shore Unleashed Pt. 3

It only seems appropriate that with the closing of MDW we end with the last installation of the JERSEY SHORE UNLEASHED! That E!  so kindly gave our pupils. As we last saw, the ladies of the dirty Jerz wanted a new scene and headed to the clurb 118 Lounge. But then, as the fog makers sputtered momentarily, we see a dark mass moving in the distance. It is none other than J.J., the redhead Jerseyite’s ex man candy. OHH SNAP. Let’s go people.



1. I love when girls in New Jersey drink too much, because when they talk (or twalk I should say) they sound like a cat that is slowly being strangled.  Scene 1: redhead to ex Guido man candy “IIIIIII cannoowtttt believeeee you cwamme here wright nowwwwwww.” My ears are still ringing from that.


2. Terms of endearment in a Jersey relationship:  “You’re a pain in my @&%$# ass” aka…I can’t live without you.


3. Redhead and her friend are chit chatting about how they just cannotttt believe J.J. showed up at 118. Redhead claims that she was sooo over J.J. and now she’s all smitten. The best part is her friend who says how good J.J. looked.  The last time Redhead and J.J. saw each other/broke up was TWO DAYS AGO….48 hours to be exact.  Unless J.J. upped his dosage of Muscle Milk within the past 48 hours I’m going to go out on a limb here and say J.J. looked exactly the same, and that what you saw was due to some heavy beer goggles.


4. Cassie’s boyfriend shows up right before the ladies head back to their respective Guido towns. Who is Cassie you ask? Apparently she is the one who owns the Belmar house in which all of the fist pumping took place. However, it appears she actually likes her boyfriend and therefore, due to lack of sluttiness was cut of the majority of this special. Sorry Cassie, that’s just how life goes.


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One response to “All Good Things Must Come to an End…The Jersey Shore Unleashed Pt. 3

  1. Jackie

    After watching this show, I cannot believe the Jersey Shore Show would bother the people of NJ. Is this supposed to show us “bennys” what the shore really is???? OMG!!!!! At least the real bennys admit that we are. The people here will scream at us to go home but act exactly the same way, maybe worse. Way to go New Jersey, really showed us.

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