Pelham 123 Already Gives Me Night Terrors

Last night flipping through channels I confirmed my theory that people are real a-holes. In between flicks, I came upon this trailer, for Pelham 123.

Now, being a New Yorker (my one year birthday is this weekend so YES I am a New Yorker. Plus I’ve seen a homeless man’s penis which is like initiation) this three minute trailer was scarier than last weekend when my Starbucks was victim to a homemade bomb (totally not kidding, Google it people 92nd and 3rd…I thought it was thunder and went back to bed). Why on EARTH would you ever make a movie about a mass transit system and a crazy union worker gone pissed off gunner in New York City. Because people are a-holes, that’s why.


And did they really have to use John Travolta. REALLY?! Break my heart and then stomp on it why don’t you. What happened to the loveable Danny Zuko who paraded around in tight leather pants all day?! What would Kinickie say about this! Not to mention Sandy and Frenchie!


The main reason I will boycott this movie however, even though I have an undying love for Tony Soprano is because this crazy gunner is on the 6 train, aka basically the ONLY train I take in a given day. Sometimes I ride this thing 7 times a day, I’m not joking. I’ve sat next to people who could BE this crazy gunner. No. No thank you. Sony Pictures, we’re in a fight. The only way I will be coaxed into seeing this film is with a large jumbo popcorn WITH butter and a tranquilizer afterwards so I don’t have a fit of hysterics on the way home, accusing every random subway rider of having a gun in their pocket.


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One response to “Pelham 123 Already Gives Me Night Terrors

  1. JBM

    your genius sister suggest i take dad to see this….right, hell no.

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