Jessica Simpson vs. Reality TV, Round 2

I should be packing today. But instead, I am sitting here annoyed at myself for having so much stuff TO pack. For instance, I have 4 suitcases of shoes. Shoes!! And the sick thing is I wear probably about three pairs in those four heavy ass suitcases because my feet are so mangled and disgusting that trying to put my feet into anything remotely resembling a heel is like teach a flamingo how to do the Charleston. So instead, I will sit here all day until I can tempt someone to come over and do this for me. Never underestimate the power of Yellow Tail.

In other equally less important news, Jessica Simpson is returning to reality TV! Because it went so well for her the first time (Jon and Kate take note!). This time though, she won’t be parading around town with Tony Romo, she’ll be traveling with a friend around the world to unearth the beauty standards in different parts of the world. Basically, she wants to travel to a place where people think she actually looked good in her high water jean pants and leopard belt that was placed strategically to cover up her rolls, but in fact did not.

The show will be called, “The Price of Beauty,” and insiders say Jessica will be very hands on with the show. Hands on as in eating all of the local food, is my guess.


Good for her though, hopefully she does a majority of her traveling around football season so that she can stop being blamed for the slow demise of the Dallas Cowboys. I am personally praying she doesn’t sing on the show, in any genre. This is all I ask.


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