Thank You For Being a Friend….Travel Down the Road and Back Again

Since I use my poor little blog here as an outlet to talk about all the things in the world that bother me, I’ve decided to switch it up on this fine Friday to tell you about a woman of Hollywood I love. No, not love. LURVE.  And her name, is Betty White.

Ohh my god Betty White, where do we begin. First off, you should know that since about the ripe age of 12, I have been an avid Golden Girls watcher. Freshman year of college before I lived with my friends I used to wait until my roommate headed off to her Mexican Revolution class, lock the door, get back into bed and blow off my morningclasses to watch FOUR back to back episodes of the Golden Girls. I can recite the entire theme song and sometimes I even catch myself humming “Thank you for being a frienddddd.”  In fact when my sisters and I played the Who’s Who of What Golden Girl Would You Be? (this should totally be a Facebook app) I was Rose!

So, needless to say when a friend asked me to go to the screening of The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White I was elated. I was even more elated when I found out that Betty White would be presenting the movie to us! It’s like the fates brought us together! Finally Rose Nylund the real woman and Rose Nylund in the making were going to see eye to eye! As the invitation called for a “Guys Night Out,” I was in a sea of men, surely she would pick me out of the litter and whisk me away to share a bunk with her and Blanche Devereaux.

Sadly, that did not happen, and the well groomed, polished male assistants literally scooped Betty White up and worshipped her-I simply just could not compete. Had they had banana leaves, they surely would have created a throne for her out of a movie seat and started fanning her. I tried, I really did.


And as if I didn’t love Betty White already, she surpassed my wildest dreams when she went on the Jimmy Kimmel show later that evening to play BEER PONG with him. She has to be at least 88 years old, and she is playing beer pong. Can we say my idol? This clip is great, and bless her little heart when she tries to fill her cup up again after Jimmy makes it in. That’s right Betty, show him who the real champion is!

Oh, and as for the Proposal, it was cute! Super cliché and an all around feel good movie. You will especially feel good if you have a desire to see Ryan Reynolds 85 percent naked. And Betty—her performance was clearly Oscar worthy.


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  1. i had a huge crush on Sandar Bullock when i was still in college, for me, she is the prettiest actress *“

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