Who is this Weatherman You Speak of?

I love reality television, but there is one show that I think is even too stupid for me to watch, and that’s saying a lot. That show is I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. This show is retarded, and I believe that even the producers know how retarded it is, which is why they stuck Spencer’s flesh beard and his horse toothpick wife Heidi on it to jazz it up. Even then, I slowly felt my brain rotting just flipping past this channel. It in fact, made me want to read War and Peace, or every page of the Wall Street Journal just to regain my intelligence once again. Out of respect for myself, I do not watch this show but I couldn’t help myself when Al Roker interviewed ding and dong on the Today Show.


-Al Roker sighing in the beginning of this interview is priceless. It’s like he is thinking in his head “This is what my job has come to.” Or, “Why did I get stuck with these two half brains.” It’s the same sigh parents give their children when they come home from getting a tattoo or crashing the car.

-Spencer characterizing his life into both a villain and a hero. “On that show I’m a villain, in life I want to be the hero.” In life and on the show Spencer you are neither the villain nor the hero you are the tool box.

-You seriously need a flow chart to follow Spencer’s excuse to whether or not they claimed they were being tortured on the show. If my sister wants to quote from NBC who said there was going to be three days of torture that she was just repeating from People.com which she then Twittered to then poke Al Roker on Facebook and then blogged on MySpace which then would transfer to her LinkedIn….well then, that’s just her fault. Huh? This interview is the equivalent to three days of torture.

Heidi later complained that Al Roker attacked her, and that women should be careful around him. First of all, Al Roker is about as harmful as Gumby (I actually think they kind of look alike, except for the fact that he isn’t green). Second, if you are going to classify yourself as a “living Mother Theresa” people may challenge that statement Heids. Get some balls and man up. These two do know how to turn a five minute interview into three days of publicity though, I have to give them that much.


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