The Tangled Tweets We Twitter

I learned many things this weekend. I learned I should never drink Red Bull and Vodka, and I also learned I can eat an entire box of Oreos in one sitting.

But more importantly, I learned Twitter is taking over the world. Ok, So I kind of already knew this but just in case you didn’t follow me.

Last week my friend posted this genius blog on Twittering, and as he said it best, “Eventually Tweeting becomes an obsessive compulsion and racking up followers feels like you’re winning some kind of game no one realizes they’re playing.” I too, jumped on the Twitter bandwagon last year to see what all the fuss was about and now too, am hooked. I realize no one cares that my toaster burned me this morning or that I woke up at 5pm yesterday but yet I Tweet anyway because actually, some people do surprisingly want to know what you are doing at all hours of the day. Which end is worse I can’t tell, the fact that we are all so vain to think everyone wants to know what we are doing or the fact that people actually do care I may never know, but yet I digress.

My friend really exercised the true quality of Twitter when he Tweeted about a coffee shop in SoHo he was craving only to have an employee take a bike ride to his office to deliver it to him! And they don’t deliver; he just heard the call of the Tweet and thought it would be nice to swing by with some coffee.

Well, this got me thinking about all of the things I want to come out of my Twittering. @TastiDLite- can you please set up a machine in my apartment. @BritneySpears-Can we please be bffers? Come over I’ll make you a Red Bull Vod stat. @KendraWilkinson- Send me some Eagles tickets kay? But alas, perhaps Twitter treats stop at coffee, which hey, that’s ok with me.

But I think the Twitter world went a little too overboard last night with Perez Hilton got attacked by the Black Eyed Peas’ manager in Toronto last night and TWEETED for people to call the police. I won’t get into whether this was deserved or not, because I frankly don’t really care…but it is a little scary that something can happen and when you have as many followers as Perez Hilton does, send out a little message and let the entire world know in one click. Which, I guess is the point of Twitter, to tell people yourself—cut out the middle man that is so often the tabloids. But I mean, if you are being attacked, you have time to Twitter?

Granted, this information is way more interesting than telling the entire world you are going to bed, however I would argue it is extreme. Though I find it extremely amusing Perez called a derogatory name and it resulted in his manager attacking him it does appear Perez Hilton did lie on his Twitter. didn’t attack him, his manager did—so why would you send a blast to your 1,038,487 followers saying he did? I don’t think Perez should have been attacked, but I also don’t think he needed to Tweet about it—regardless of the shock value. Ok, enough of me on my Twitter high horse. Speaking of shock value, tonight Jon and Kate make a huge announcement on the show. I love a good PR scene-you can find me on the couch with my roommate and bffer, Yellowtail.

Check out…’s statement and Perez’s.


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