The TV Gods Have Feelings Too

Can it be? Does TLC really stand for “we do have a soul?” After last night’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, where the two announced they were splitting up, TLC issued a statement that production of the show will go on hiatus until August. While this saddens me, as I will not have someone else’s life to look at and say,”gee, at least my life isn’t that bad” I don’t think I could emotionally handle that train wreck for much longer. I also can’t handle looking at Jon, who is having a serious midlife crisis as he wore a skull t-shirt with BOTH of his ears pierced last night. Where’s the Korn concert buddy? Did I miss something? You have eight children, take out the bling, you look like a clown.

On the note of stupid people, I read this story about Kimberley Vlaminck a few weeks ago. Kimbo wanted to get a tattoo on her face, because why not. She claims to have dozed off and because of the difficulty in understanding the language barrier, the tattoo artist, who is the most petrifying man you’ve ever seen tattooed 56 stars on her face instead of the three she requested. First of all, how you could let this behemoth of a man touch your face with a needle is beyond me, but nonetheless I felt bad for poor Kimbo regardless of how dumb she is.

Well, sorrow no more for Kimmy dearest.  According to the Daily Mail this little trick LIED about claiming that tattoo artist messed up because her father was mad she got tattoos on her face to begin with. Honey, did you think he would be pleased? Unless your father is a circus master and has trained you to swing from a trapeze by your toes I don’t know any family member that would be happy with this decision. Though, the next time I do something stupid and permanent to my body I will be sure to forward this clip to my mother to let her know things could be damn worse.


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