10 Downing Beautification Project AKA West Village, I Envy You

There are a lot of ugly things in the world. The boy I brought home from the bar last weekend, me after one too many shots of tequila, and sometimes, I would even dare to say that New York is ugly. In a city where there are more rats than people and homeless men can just pull down their pants and show you their penis on a whim, it’s always nice when you stumble upon something pretty in this city. That’s exactly how I felt when I stumbled (ok, not stumble, I was gently guided) to the 10 Downing Beautification Project yesterday in the West Village.

Picture 504

Stonehenge Partners and the SoHo Partnership took out some space and spruced it up quite a bit! Aside from the established 10 Downing Restaurant and trendy Scuderia, which is exactly where the Soprano family would dine if they wanted a mod, Italian meal in the West Village (perhaps after dropping some friends off in the Hudson) so you know it’s that good- Stonehenge and the SoHo Partnership installed 15 new tree beds and a smorgasbord of impatiens. Yes, trees people! In the city of sky scrapers. I was loving it. And it could not have been a more beautiful day to show off the latest beautification project.

As if I wasn’t jealous enough of people who dwelled in the West Village. Sigh… One day.


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