A Birthday Buddy and Legend

I’m going to tell you a fun fact about myself. I shared a birthday with Michael Jackson. Yup, my mother and MJ and I all had the same birthday-August 29. So you can see why, beyond the million other reasons I was so upset when my birthday buddy passed away yesterday! It broke my heart, as I’m sure it did with the rest of the world.

And just in case MJ wasn’t sure of his legend status, Perez Hilton and Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson got in an uber Twitter slap fest over MJ when Perez put this picture up on his site when hearing the singer went into cardiac arrest.

After posting the initial pic of MJ, to soon then take it down after hearing about his death Pete Wentz went Twitter ape shit on Perez, perhaps rightfully so.

@PerezHilton u can’t make ur life tearing someone apart, who is a human being, and then flip on a dime and say respect and mourn him.

This then started a legit all out Twitter war.

@petewentz You’re right! I agree with you! I should say spit on his/her grave and laugh! Ha ha. Ding dong. The witch is dead!

@PerezHilton there is a disconnect there both logically and emotionally. Let’s tune back into being human beings.

@petewentz I see no disconnect with what I do/did and now. Earlier I said MJ’s death is like Anna Nicole’s. It is. But this is still sad.

@PerezHilton essentially that’s what you do. Recanting after someone passes doesn’t mean shit in my book. I have no beef. But mj was a legend

This went on for a good hour, and then Ashlee got involved bringing up big sis Jess and it got all types of messy. You know you are a legend when you spark Twitter fights from the grave. G-bless.

And because this is my favorite MJ song…happy weekend.


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