The Bernie Madoff Drinking Game

Yesterday, Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison, which probably made about 99.9 percent of New Yorkers happy. I say 99.9 because I’m sure the .1 percent of his family was not pleased, unless they too invested in him.

In a sad, sad turn of events this week with MJ, Farrah and now Billy Mays all passing away (infomercials will never be the same again) it looks like we all could use a nice cold one this Thirsty Tuesday. So, I bring to you, the Bernie Madoff Drink Game. Salud!

Drink every time…

-Any time you see the color green, like money. I hear that was his favorite color.

-If you work, live, or walk by Wall Street

-If your last name begins with “P” like Ponzi…

-If you owe someone money. Drink. And then pay them.

-If someone owes you money. Drink two, and then go knock on your door for your money.

-Any time you see or hear the numbers 1, 5, or zero.

-If you spent money on something really stupid this week, drink. And then return it, but don’t feel bad…at least you didn’t give it to that creep.

-If your parents send you your rent check….for the next year, but then can’t pay their mortgage. Drink.

-Drink if you honestly have to still have your parents pay your rent.

-If you were planning on retiring, but now can’t because you gave your money to Madoff…finish the bottle.


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