Open Letter to the Gosselin Children

Dear, Mady, Cara, Leah, Joel, Colin, Hannah, Aaden and Alexis:

Meet your new stepmom.




Ok, honestly I don’t really feel bad for Hailey Glassman.

  1. Her last name is Glassman so I ‘m sure she feels that it is her honest duty as a Glassman to inspect anything made of glass. If that happens to be a bowl, then so be it.
  2. Where are your pants?! Your high, not drunk for pete’s sake! Did you get the munchies and try to eat them?
  3. You’re friends a gold, and I hope you treat them like it. What a GOOD friend to capture memories like this for you so that you can remember them always. You just don’t see them like this anymore, you really don’t.

Not so ironically, a poll on PopEater on July 17 said that 58% were on Kate’s side. Surely, Kate has Hailey and her magical gravity bong to thank for that. In a previous poll on June 22 62% were on Jon’s side. Dayum, that sucks Jon. Maybe it’s the angry tiger t-shirts. Or maybe it’s the trash company you keep. We may never know.


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