Linday Lohan Has More Than Labor Pains

I had a pretty terrible day today, I won’t lie. I decided for five minutes I should work in a consignment shop and stare at Chanel and Dior all day. Instead, I had to stare at a 45 year old washed up surfer on acid man who legit called a staff member the “c” word. And no, I don’t mean cutie pie. Needless to say I lasted 3 hours and I’m guessing I won’t be getting paid for that, so it’s  almost like I took a big long nap in the middle of the day and did jack nothing!

However, when times get tough as we all know I like to look at people whose lives are shitty or if possible shittier than mine. This week, that award would have to go to Lindsay Lohan. Not only did she star in that AWFUL movie not made for TV only to go straight to TV Labor Pains this weekend, her little lesbian heart is all tangled and twisted over Samantha Ronson. Life is hard.

This week, reporters caught Sam and Drea de Matteo out to dinner (you go Sam!! Drea is one hot tamale if I do say so myself in a completely not lesbian way). Needless to say, Lindsay was not a happy redhead. Sam claimed the two are “best friends” but like a bat out of hell, Lindsay showed up to Sam’s house at the wee hour of 6:30 a. m. The last time someone woke me up that early they lost three knuckles. Is this bitch loose?

Here is the vid. Loving the clothes outside on the doorstep. Those Urban Outfitter bags are so useful! I used one for a picnic this week and Samantha is using hers in a lovers quarrel! Talk about recycling.


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